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I Hate Green Beans: Don't Mess with Us

Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't Mess with Us

Last week at Grace Bible Church, our preacher wanted to express his gratitude for all the hard work a certain member of the congregation has done in preparation for moving to our new building. He invited Matt up to the front to present him a gift. No…it wasn’t a Bible or even a gift certificate to Chili’s across the street.

I was a shot gun. HELLO!
Dove season is in a few weeks people!

To quote West: “For those of you who are visiting from out-of-state…welcome to Texas.”

We really aren't as country as it sounds. I'm just saying...


Cass said...

Welcome Lincee!!!! I have been waiting all summer for your blog. Well it was worth the wait! Can't wait for more!

Allison said...

Hey girl! I had just been wondering what you were upto when Proch sent me this link to your blog! Wow! Over 97,000 profile views already...Was I pregnant the last time I saw you??? Well, I was, (I remember being very sick and pissed that Pei Wei had a fire) but was I telling people? Anyways, my twins were born in April--we have a blog

Starshine said...

Only in Texas! I bet Jilly got a little jealous!

Jerri said...

Hi Lincee! Thanks for telling me about your blog -- I'll check in every now and then for some entertainment and fine literature!