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I Hate Green Beans: You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

I attended my sister's high school football game this weekend, and a cheerleader from the opposing team was holding up this sign.

In her defense, the crowd had milk cartons full of rocks that sounded really loud and annoying when they shook them.

The girls were super excited when the student section "got into the cheer" by chanting, SHAKE YOUR JUGS! SHAKE YOUR JUGS!

I think a "bless her heart" is in order.


mzblongoria said...

thanks- I needed this laugh-

Bless her heart- guess we won't point out that THIS is in Texas!!

Starshine said...

And the cheerleading sponsor lets them do that?!!

Jessica said...

WOW..that's all I have to say