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I Hate Green Beans: A recent conversation with my boss: Volume 2

Monday, February 18, 2008

A recent conversation with my boss: Volume 2

Thursday morning...

Boss: "What are you doing this weekend?"
Lincee: "Catching up on TiVo'd shows."

Boss: "I need you to go to Dubai."
Lincee: Blank stare, mouth hanging open, secretly wondering where Dubai is located.
Boss: "Great. We'll talk about details later. It's in the Middle East by the way."
Lincee: "Good to know."
Boss: Shakes his head and laughs to himself wondering how a girl from the sticks is going to make it in this field.


Anonymous said...

So, are you in Dubai now??? Did you go this weekend or did you catch up on TiVos?

Anonymous said...

What is it that you DO???

Lo-Cal Lori said...

Just heard about an explosion on an oil rig in Texas, (i think) Wondering if you're OK.

Starshine said...


I've heard that the shopping in Dubai is some of the world's greatest!

Have a blast and take lots of pictures!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go to Dubai. It's in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and looks absolutely gorgeous. They have a Chili's there, if you need some American food. Have fun.

Deb said...

Dubai is (in my opinion) the most expensive country! In the sense, that it built an island, has the tallest hotels, and has a ice skiing mountain in a mall! There are so many other expensive and fascinating things this country (or the "rulers") have created.

I wonder if it's hot this time of year?

...I got all my info from Matt Lauer when the Today Show did "Where in the World is...Matt Lauer?" like the show "Where in the World is...Carmen San Diego."

Anonymous said...

Have you told your boss that you have to be in the United States with Tivo and your computer on March 17???!!!

Michellyoh said...

fun travles!! tell your boss he can have conversations with me anytime!!

Michellyoh said...

I so just spelled travels wrong! LOL!

Lincee said...

Lo-cal Lori...yes, I'm okay. Didn't hear about this explosion. Thanks for your concern.

Anon 11:37: I'm a PR Manager with oil and gas clients.

Anon 8:03: HECK YES HE KNOWS THE BAHCELOR IS MARCH 17! It's on the office calendar.

Meet the Boyd's said...

I recently read some very interesting things about Dubai. Maybe you can stay at the underwater hotel.
Safe Travels. Can’t wait for March 17th!!!

Anonymous said...

I spent my childhood in Saudi Arabia (Dad was in oil biz) & can tell you that Dubai is a way cool place to go!! It's quite modern, especially when compared to other Middle Eastern countries....& far less suppressive about women's cultural rights than other muslim countries. There's lots of great shopping to be had & I can guarantee you that the service you'll recieve in the hotels & restaurants is unsurpassed anywhere! What a cool adventure for you! Have a great time & looking forward to your blog from your experiences there...!